The Oh Hell Yeah! Business Owner Retirement Plan


Shareholders Corner: Retirement Planning Edition

Hello. My name is Bob Nienaber, CEO for benefitRFP. Business owners and shareholders, we have a series called Shareholders Corner, where we focus on your concerns directly. Today, we’re going to have a fireside chat where we talk about some issues concerning you, I’m going to discuss the Oh Hell Yeah! Business Owner Retirement Plan.


You’ve Survived a Lot

Before we can talk about this plan, we need to first take you down memory lane:

You have financially survived many economic disasters, such as Y2K, where we were all told the computers were going to turn on us and kill us. You survived the dot com crash, you survived the housing crash, and now as we find our way through COVID-19, you will survive that as well.

Zoinks! You have also survived state and federal taxes, and, lastly, you have survived putting your kids through college. Take a bow my friend, because you are a winner.

Now, let us talk about the specifics of the Oh Hell Yeah! Business Owner Retirement Plan.


What is the Oh Hell Yeah! Business Owner Retirement Plan?

The plan:

  • Grows tax-free,
  • Pays out tax-free,
  • Allows you to pick investments,
  • Provides 0% floor protection to eliminate negative market risk,
  • It recovers past income tax,
  • And uses other people’s money to fund the majority of the plan.


If you die, your beneficiaries receive what you have not used and contribution amounts are unlimited. Oh, and did I mention:

These plans are 100% allowable under US tax code, and have been used by wealthy people and successful companies for years and are available to everyone?

You may have just realized you can immediately become part of the 100% prepared for retirement group. These plans are real, have no gimmicks, and are part of several decades of experience.

Let me calm your suspicions and offer you some valuable advice:

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the cashflow kingdom. I also understand the real risk we all face if we go into retirement unprepared or falsely believe that social security will be a big part for us.

After decades of working with extremely successful companies and wealthy individuals, I have found one of the greatest ways to solve your retirement financial concerns in the most economical way possible by using:

  • the IRC, the Department of Labor, and ERISA tax and regulation codes in your favor,
  • along with other people’s money (i.e. bank money to fund your plans).


We’re Here to Help

For less than $1,000, you can utilize our internationally award-winning technology for risk and wealth management, along with our other technologies for your 401(k) comparisons, commercial P&C comparisons, succession planning, and more.

Simply log onto or call us directly and leave the heavy lifting to us.



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