benefitRFP utilizes cutting edge technology to provide companies and consultants with state-of-the-art planning systems.

Our mission is to empower you with the objective financial insight needed to make the best decisions tailored to your needs, all while simplifying the process to give you back your most valuable asset – time.

Who we are.

benefitRFP, Inc. (bRFP) is a direct, high-end national provider of Executive Benefit Plan solutions, headquartered in Sacramento, CA and comprised of an unparalleled team of knowledgeable advisors.

Over 25 years of experience in the field has allowed us the privilege of working with thousands of large, privately held companies as well as Fortune 100 clients.

Using top awarded custom technology, bRFP simplifies the complex world of executive benefit planning to save you time without sacrificing business strategy or competitive edge.

bRFP is the one-stop shop for corporate executive benefits, combining various products and services from leading investment and insurance product vendors with robust and cost-competitive administrative solutions.

Why it works.

Our award-winning technology and unparalleled consultative experience enable companies to:

  1. Attract, recruit, retain, and reward their top talent.
  2. Invest in a healthy company culture.
  3. Fund a plan that has their best interests in mind, not those of the financial institutions.

We partner with advisors to:

  1. Objectively identify and select the best solutions for their clients.
  2. Spend more one-on-one time with clients and less time crunching numbers.
  3. Build long-term relationships built on a foundation of integrity.

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2019 Celent International A.I. Award Winner

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2019 A.I. Global Media International Finance Award Winner

Client A.I. Risk and Wealth Management

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No more guessing.

From executive benefits to wealth management to succession planning, further explore the advantages benefitRFP has to offer in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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