For Businesses

Providing incomparable benefits is one of the most widely recognized tactics for attracting, recruiting, retaining, and rewarding top talent in a competitive market.

At benefitRFP, we use exclusive A.I. technology to assess your company’s current status, identify areas of improvement, and objectively select the best plan from a matrix of solutions.

We’ll use our more than 25 years of expertise to inform strategic business growth and management, while identifying the best executive benefit plan for your unique situation.

For Financial Advisors

We partner with top financial advisors who want to spend more time actually helping their clients find the best solutions for their business, independent of the interests of financial institutions.

Our award-winning technology will help you save time that can instead be invested back into developing long-term client relationships.

We’ll give you the tools, data, and support – you provide the value.



$250 per year or $25 per month

Continued Access and Support: Included*

*Covered by the costs of the benefits package once the selected plan is funded.


YEARLY: $995



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