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Take full advantage of the proprietary technology that benefitRFP has to offer. With the top awarded A.I. technology in wealth management, the best investment for your company is right at your fingertips.

Your Foundation for Success

Let us do the heavy lifting by identifying, analyzing, and implementing a benefits package that is specifically tailored to your company’s needs.


The benefitDIAGNOSTIC™ produces complete results for retirement financial goals and savings. Fill out a quick questionnaire that assesses all aspects of your business to fine tune the best set of benefits for you and your team.


The benefitMATRIX™ utilizes the quantitative results from the benefitDIAGNOSTIC™ and determines the most suitable plan(s). Optimal funding options are determined that align with the census and goals, and present a variety of unbiased and suitable plans per user.


The benefitCONCIERGE™ report is tailor-made to deliver retirement income calculations for every individual situation. Use your current savings plan balances, income, and age to estimate your financial outcome upon retirement. The Concierge helps you reach your financial goals, eliminate unnecessary taxes, and maximize government benefits.

Further Optimize Your Strategy

We’ll take your competitive advantage to the next level by pinpointing methods to combat potential risk as well as tactics to leverage financial opportunities.


Obtain a scorecard outlining proper commercial insurance based on risk exposure. Receive an immediate scorecard outlining which coverage adjustments should be made to maximize comprehensive protection.


The benefitProTRUST™ leverages outside resources to fund company and personal benefit plans.


After using the business valuation to start, the successionDIAGNOSTIC™ tool will help build the proper process to meet ‘shareholders’ financial and timing goals.

Business Valuation

Receive a proper business valuation from the largest patented online provider. This is the most critical step to providing a proper, comprehensive succession.

Life Settlements

A life settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy-usually insuring the life of an individual age 65 or older-to a third party for an amount greater than the cash surrender value.

Find out what your life insurance could be worth before you cancel it.

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