Simple Math for Savings

 Let’s have some fun and do some simple math. If a person sets aside a dollar and then doubles this dollar every year for 20 years, they’ll have a million dollars. But if we simply [...]

Succession and Business Sales Planning

For business owners, your business is your most valuable asset. So, whether you plan on selling it now or sometime in the near future, you have to find out what it’s worth. Getting it wrong [...]

Auditing Your Executive Benefits

As a business owner myself, I understand the term audit makes your skin crawl. However, if you are a shareholder and your company offers benefits, a successful plan audit of the products you use [...]

Profitable Benefit Plans

Does your executive benefit plan produce a profit for the company, or is it just another one of those unnecessary expenses? If you answered expense, you need to call us. Successful companies know [...]

A Better Way

Are you tired of paying 40-50% tax rates and you’d rather have someone else pay those for you and charge you 3-4% instead? Did you know that not only do thousands of successful businesses [...]